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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 25, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00, a rainy start to the workweek. you can see on live doppler 7, it's hitting to the north right now. pretty much everyone in the bay area can expect to get some rain today. good morning to you. it's monday, march 25th. >> you'll need the umbrellas or a rain jacket. something to protect the rain today. mike nicco is here with us now. >> might as well grab it now. we have a chance of rain today, tomorrow, wednesday and again thursday. hi everybody. here's a look at santa rosa. south santa rosa right there. 101 and 12 come together. the bulk of the rain is still to our west. it's mainly moving from southwest to northeast. it's going to take the better part of the morning for it to come out of the north bay. light to moderate rain. mainly the north bay this morning. the rest of us this afternoon and evening.
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it will be breezy this morning. barely moving right now. 44 to 50. much milder temperatures this morning. 57 to 62 with the rain moving into the bay around lunch. it's over about all of our neighborhoods from 4:00 to 7:00. in the mid-50s to 60s. let's get a check of the monday morning commute. hello to sue. >> good morning. let's check out the golden gate bridge. roadway is dry. four lanes in the southbound direction moving nicely. very light drive. from san rafael into the city, 16 minutes. san mateo bridge, same drive time from 880 towards 101 on the peninsula. we have problems on north 101 near university. that's blocking some left lanes there. two left lanes. the mckee off ramp to northbound 680 is shut down due to an accident. you need to take alum rock. a quick look at your drive times if you're heading out this morning. tracy to dublin increasing to 40
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minutesment dublin, 680 southbound is looking good to mission boulevard south and highway 85 from 101 to cupertino. just about 15 minutes. thanks, sue. this morning we expect apple to announce it's jumping into the subscription business. >> that could mean a tv bundle, a news service, maybe even video games. jobina fortson is live for us from cupertino. jobina? >> reporter: good morning. a mystery here. we're in cupertino and down that roadway here is the interest to apple's campus over there. they're going to be talking about it all morning and streaming it as well. this streaming service that they're going to be jumping into, they'll compete with amazon prime and netflix. users can subscribe to networks like hbo, show time and starz for a monthly fee. speaking of the "wall street journal," it was part of 200
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magazines and newspapers. that will be available for $9.99 a month through apple news. if possible, apple will discuss a gaming subscription. as you all mentioned. and a mysterious credit card. there are few details available about that right now. this will all go down at 10:00 a.m. they will be streaming it from the steve jobs theater here in cupertino. reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. jobina, thank you. so many people counting down the minutes to that announcement. abc 7 news will be following apple's announcement. if you're on the go and want updates from abc 7, go ahead and download our news app and enable push alerts to get the latest information as it happens. san francisco police are investigating a shooting involving six victims. one person was killed. five others hurt. abc 7 was in the fill more district moments after it happened saturday night around 9:00. this is near eddy streets and fillmore. a man from san francisco was
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killed. the other victims range from 19 to a 50-year-old woman. police have not announced arrests or a possible motive sdpliefr. a woman charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting her husband. it comes after paul schatzwell died from his injuries. the principal and father of eight was in critical condition. his wife shot him during a domestic altercation. she remains in jail. this is the city of pittsburg's first homicide of the year. tragedy for the sanford community. students studying abroad in europe died while hiking in spain. he was with a group of students friday when they lost sight of the 20-year-old. he fell in difficult rocky terrain. crews found him saturday. he was a junior majoring in computer science. his school issued a statement about his death saying he will
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be deeply missed. democrats on capitol hill are determined to bring attorney general william barr in front of congress to push for the full release of special counsel robert mueller's report. he released a summary of the findings yesterday saying the trump campaign did not conspire with russia during the 2016 presidential election. he also said mueller did not make a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice. the president's lawyer is on gma this morning. said it's time to move on. >> i think the reality is that congress is wasting the taxpayers' money frankly and they should be going about le legislating and governing. that's a prerogative they'll have ziemt on sunday, president trump called the news compete and total exoneration. stressing again, there was no obstruction. we are hearing from bay area lawmakers and political leaders about the attorney general's summary.
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>> abc 7 news reporter luis pena has local reaction. >> the mueller report is out. along with it, mixed reactions. >> i'm angry as an american citizen that our democracy was hijacked for the last two years by these totally false allegations. >> we need to know what he said. what he did. how he arrived at it. >> congresswoman says she wants to see the findings and see why the mueller report states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. >> obstruction of justice and the president not being exonerated from that really belongs in the congress. so the congress is the body that needs to take that up. >> the republican national committee for california says it's time to move on. >> we're never going to get the two years back as a country. he's never going to get the two
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years back. people like michael caputo and americans spied on will never get their time back, attorney's fees back. there's no justice for those people. >> democratic lawmakers put out statements asking for the attorney general to testify before congress and explain his interpretation of the report. >> we know that the congress has a different constitutional responsibility both in terms of oversight, overseeing all of this and investigation. and we'll have to do both. >> now, according to the mueller report, a total of 19 lawyers assisted by a team of approximately 40 fbi agents, intelligence analysts and forensic accountants worked to the findings. -- abc 7 news. let's take a look at live doppler 7. you can see it's raining. light rain over towards st. helena and towards cloverdale, towards ft. ross and jenner.
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the north bay, watch out. you'll be wet this morning. while the rest of us are dry. a little cooler in the east bay valleys. mid to uppere got a ls showing up around oakland, san francisco, novato. santa rosa. pacif pacifica. mountain view. here's a look at the golden gate bridge.e get deeper into the morning commute. i think for the most part you're going to hold off on steady rain until the commute is over. if you're out and about, the rain is coming. be prepared. you may not need the wet weather gear this morning. you will later on. exercising, mild this morning. it will be mild and wet this afternoon. a small craft advisory out on the bay. rain at 7:00 all the way up until 3:00. then a little quieter. temperatures in the mid-50s this afternoon. east bay, you're dry all the way through 11:00. by 1:00, you have rain. reaching 65. the rain will cool you down into the low 60s into the afternoon hours. for san francisco, we're going to be dry up until at least, i'd
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say, 10:00 and then we get drizzle to light rain. we always get a little bit faster than everybody else because we're close to the ocean. by 5:00, it's more scattered. by 7:00, it's almost gone. temperatures today almost 60 degrees. i'll show you the other chances of rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to sue for the morning commute. >> so far so good. a couple of problem spots. the east shore freeway is moving pretty nicely. although filling in rapidly as we make your way towards the macarthur maze and checking in at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been turned on. we'll get that official word in a few minutes. just a moderate backup. there's drive times from hercules to san francisco. including the bay bridge backup. it looks pretty good. about 30 minutes there. if you're taking mass transit today, b.a.r.t. right now has 16 trains running on schedule. no delays with the san francisco ferry. ace train number 1 on time. thank you, sue. right now is the time to get the
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lottery pool going again. >> the jackpot for wednesday's powerball drawing as surged to $750 million. here's a look at the powerball home page right now. you can see the prize in the top right-hand corner. no one matched the numbers saturday. the jackpot rolled over again. this is the fourth largest jackpot in u.s. history. the cash option is about $465 million and wednesday's drawing set for 8:00 p.m. sunday morning i had a panic. i was thinking, i didn't play the lottery this weekend. so i have another chance. >> you do. big time. it's all going to happen for you, jess. i can see it. coming up, why rapper dr. dre is catching heat over an instagram post that he later deleted. a bay area couple was on a bucket list trip when this happened. their positive attitude, despite this really stressful situation. >> that video is frightening. an oakland-based company on
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shark tank. we'll tell you what they thought of the business. we'll take you outside for a look at a still dry san
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i've done a good job of raisin ya. let's take a look at your commutes from a weather perspective. it will be slippery this morning
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in the north bay. light to moderate showers hit the rest of us this afternoon and evening with some ponding on the roadways. i think the evening drive will be much worse for the rest of us. >> mike, thank you. gma first look. hundreds of people safe and back on land after a close the seas. >> massive waves rocked their cruise ship for hours. the crews line says the next canceled. kenneth moton has more on gma first look. >> in this morning's gma first look, the race against time to get hundreds of passengers off the stalled luxury viking sky cruise ship and into the safety of the rescue helicopters. more than 1300 passengers and crew on board the cruise ship and the 47,000 ton vessel hit rough water. all while traveling down the frigid west coast of norway saturday. water soon flooding in. >> it's frightening because we lose all sense of control and
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ability to save yourself. >> 43 mile per hour winds and 26-foot waves slamming the cruise liner. pushing it about a football field's distance from running aground. a mayday call sending five rescue helicopters scrambling. robin roberts will talk live to american passenger david hernandez. a moment of his family rescued from the ship. with your gma first look, i'm kenneth moton, abc news, new york. >> that's absolutely terrifying. a novato couple was among the passengers that had to be rescued by helicopter. >> we were in straps. we were lifted together off the ship in 60 mile an hour winds with the helicopter hovering above the ship. i was not too scared. but it was stressful. >> we're glad they're okay. despite that very stressful situation, the couple has nothing but praise for the cruise ship crew and rescuers.
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they say the incident will not keep them from cruising again in the future. dr. dre is slowing shade in a social media post that he's since deleted. the rapper posted this photo with his daughter and her acceptance letter and he writes, my daughter was accepted into usc all on her own. no jail time. however, many people are pointing out that dr. dre and producer jimmy -- donated $70 million to usc in 2013. that helped create an academy named after the duo which focuses on business in entertainment-related fields. new this morning, boeing will hold an informational session this wednesday to share its plan on how to safely bring a 737 max jets back into service. boeing invited 200 pilots, technical leaders and regulators for the session in renton, wahington where the 737 factory is located. the company says it's been working on new software to
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address an automatic safety feature. it's blamed for the lion air crash in october and suspected in this month's ethiopian airlines crash. american airlines says the grounding of the 737 max jets has led to the cancellations of 90 flights a day through next month. tesla is rolling out a new feature to warn drivers when they're about to blow a red light. >> it's called auto steer stoplight warning. the feature does not apply to brakes at red lights. instead, it gives a warning alert when i driver approaches one. tesla says the feature relies on mapping technology and in-car cameras that can spot red lights. the automaker warns the system does not work for every stoplight in the u.s. yet. two bay area entrepreneurs got a chance to pitch their business on shark tank. >> ♪ janet woo and -- the founders of silk wool. it works like this.
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you accepted in your old high quality clothing in exchange for points. then you use those points to pick out new clothes that others have traded in. you can also buy points to go towards a purchase. the ladies ask for $250,000. the sharks thought they overvalued the business. so they left the tank without a deal. >> it's a common, common response from the sharks. >> never heard something as small as 3%. >> i mean, that's never going to work. >> they want more than that. let's talk about what we'll do this week. needing to keep us dry for four days. here's a look at san jose where it was clear and 49 degrees. one of our cooler spots right there. mineta san jose, in -- increasing breezes. light to moderate rain. chance of rain through thursday. keep the wet weather gear handy.
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it will be dry and warmer by the weekend. can we give up four days of wetness for three that are dry, including saturday and sunday. tradeoff, yeah. here's a look at mid to upper 50s in the north bay. san francisco, half moon bay. santa cruz. everybody else in the low to mid-60s. bay. that's w yehe warmest. tonight the south bay has the best chance of lingering showers. while we see clearing across the north bay. we have a temperature spread from the low 50 naez s no the s bay to the upper 30s and low 40s in the north bay. future radar, 7:00, light to moderate. green to yellows and oranges in the north bay. it just stays there. individual storms will move from southwest to northeast. but the entire cold front is sinking to the south. the rest of us will be wet by then. notice, not as much yellow and the entire rain shield is smaller and it continues to to
5:20 am
through the overnight hours and all day tomorrow. the front drapes across the south bay in the inland east bay. you have the best chance of a scattered shower. the rest of us remain relatively dry all day tomorrow. here's a look at the rain totals. we're going to get anywhere from .2 inches in the south bay to .75 in the north bay. we're a 1 for tuesday. a 1 for wednesday with thunderstorms. lighter showers thursday and then 70s this weekend with sunshine. sue? >> all right. let's look at your commute. if you are traveling the bay bridge, metering lights have been turned on. we're checking your drive times. still not bad from highway 4 to hercules all the way into san francisco. just about 30 to 35 minutes. that includes the backup there at the bay bridge. slow and go over the altamont pass with speeds of about 30 miles per hour as you make your way towards dublin pleasanton. two left lanes just reported into the chp north 101 and san francisco near vermont street. so far so good.
5:21 am
not a lot of slowing yet. but if they don't clear that out, i'm sure that will be a different story. we'll check back in a few minutes. >> thank you, sue. baseball back in the bay area. >> the a's and giants go head to head again today at oracle park. the coliseum hosted game one of the exhibition series yesterday. the a's started the official season in japan last week. they lost those games but beat the giants 5-0. >> definite style of baseball and coming back here and finishing on a positive note, it's nice to end on a positive note heading into the season. >> the a's and giants play tonight again at 6:45. both teams are prepping for their home openers. the a's take on the angels on thursday. for the giants, next friday, play the tampa bay rays at 1:35. on aat, a study finds that playing team sports can improve a child's brain structure. researchers in st. louis found
5:22 am
participation in team sports leads to a bigger volume of the hippocampus in boys as young asinine. that's the part of the brain that affects memory and response to stress. involvement in sports also reduces depression. the study found no association to depression risk in girls who play team sports. researchers say social interaction and the regularity of team sports provide the most benefit. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> the two changes two prom nept groups are pushing for. it's 5:22. here's a
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5:25 am
chance of trees and power lines along the bay shore. up in the hills and along the coast. otherwise, a pretty quiet storm. a nuance for both commutes. number 2, democrats are demanding to see robert mueller's full report on the russia investigation. attorney general william barr released a summary of mueller's findings saying the trump campaign did not conspire with russia during the 2016 presidential election. number 3, lyft drivers are planning an 11:00 a.m. protest at a hotel. drivers are demanding better pay and benefits. number 4, apple is expected to make a big announcement in cupertino today. the company is expected to launch a screening service to compete with netflix and amazon prime video. number 5, 14 people charged in a college admission scandal will appear in a boston courtroom today. not among those expected today, actresses lori loughlin and if he l a huffman.
5:26 am
we hadnt at 101 to bryant street. traffic is flowing by nicely there. number 7, us scared up a record debut at the weekend box office. the movie set in santa cruz took in $70 million. making it the largest debut for an original horror film. it oy cost $20 million to make. a bay area native moving on to the nest round on "american idol." we had confidence in here. we didn't hear her sing on last night's episode. the show did announce that she survived the solo performance on hollywood week. the fremont native heads to the group round to perform with three others. hopefully we'll hear her sing tonight. another new episode airs at 8:00 here on abc 7. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the beef an east bay community has with a new chick-fil-a. people are thinking about saying good-bye to the bay area.
5:27 am
we break down the four main reasons why. a live look outside now at the financial district in san francisco. get the umbrellas handy
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now at 5:30, a shooting in a walnut creek shopping center overnight. what police say led up to it. lyft protest. why drivers are hitting the picket lines today. can you relate? a new survey reveals americans from hitting the gym. >> the snooze button? >> total exhaustion. good morning, it's monday, march 25th. >> you'll definitely need the rain gear today, no matter where you are in the bay area. >> might as well hide in the gym. stay dry. let's take a look at what's going on right now.
5:30 am
hi everybody. a 1 on the storm impact scale from light to moderate rain. heaviest in the north bay. breezy after 9:00. 20 to 30 mile per hour winds. it's mainly the -- say the northwest count tting rain. it hasn't been heavy just a couple hundredths of an inch. looking to the south on tam. 46 to 53. chilly to mild out there. by noon, it starts hitting the heart of the bay. by 4:00, all of us dealing with light to moderate rain. it tapers by 7:00. the evening commute looks a little more widespread wetness than this morning. sue has an eye on it. >>let look at the commute out of the central valley. slow and go for 45, 50 minutes also slowing on the bay bridge as you make your way through the metering lights. we had an earlier problem with
5:31 am
the mckee off ramp from northbound 680 closed down. it's in the clearing phases. they should have that reopened shortly. for the short-term, you can take alum rock instead. we're going to come back and check on that accident in san francisco in a couple minutes. breaking news from walnut creek. that is where police are investigating a robbery and a shooting in the city's downtown area. according to, a man was robbed of his watch and shot at at mt. diablo boulevard and south main street. the robber shot the victim. he was taken to the hospital. police canvassed the scene for evidence. no arrests have yet been made. we'll keep you posted on that story as we get new details. developing this morning, president trump declaring a political victory after a nearly two-year-long investigation, roberton therwa no cpan with russia. >> but now democrats are demanding to see mueller's full
5:32 am
report. reporter mona kosar abdi is live in washington with the latest. >> good morning. the conclusions of the mueller report have become as divisive as the investigation itself. it's also become the basis of a new political battle brewing here in washington. >> a vindicated president trump made his way back to washington to a changed political landscape. moments before trump departed florida sunday, attorney general william barr sent a four-page letter to congress outlining the conclusions of robert mueller's investigation. after 22 month, the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. >> it's a shame that our country had to go through this. >> barr also notes mueller's report falls short of ab some offing the president, going on
5:33 am
to say while this report does not con chewed that president committed a crime, it also does notdemocre demdingbarr lease the full report. >> i intend to fight for that transparency. >> nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are calling into question barr impartiality. given his public record of bias, he's not a neutral observer and is not in position to make objective determinations about the report. >> reporter: barr plans to sit down with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and mueller himself to see how much of this report he can make public. the sources tell abc news that that process can take days, if not weeks given all that classified and confidential information. for now, live in washington, mona kosar abdi, abc 7 news. happening today, lyft drivers are protesting in san francisco. they'll hit the picket line in downtown. >> this comes ahead of lyft's
5:34 am
ipo. amy hollyfield is live where that protest is supposed to happen later today in front of the omni hotel. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. yeah. they plan to protest in front of the omni. they've been reaching out through social media to tell drivers about this. so they're hoping for a good turnout. this is where lyft plans to meet with potential investors later this morning. drivers say investors, though, should not do business with lyft until it starts treating it drivers fairly. they say they need a living wage and benefits and a voice at the company. lyft is planning to go public. it's meeting with potential investors in different cities to tell them about the plan. the company says it does expect it will give money to long-term drivers so they can buy stock in the company. drivers say they want more. that's why they will be making a statement outside the meeting with their protest. they will be here at 11:00 this morning. reporting live in san francisco,
5:35 am
amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. on a related note, uber drivers in los angeles are planning to strike today. the l.a. times says they're angry with the company's move to slash per-mile pay in los angeles county and parts of orange county. these striking uber workers want higher wages across the board as well. uber says the old pay scale was not working. other changes it's implementing with improve take-home pay. bernie sanders was in san francisco yesterday. he used a rally to criticize the mueller summary. >> well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report because nobody, especially this president, is above the law. >> sanders called president trump the most dangerous president in u.s. history. the vermont senator blamed the president for dividing the nation and sanders told the
5:36 am
crowd he can bring the country together. >> we're ready for a political revolution. we need ber rythg from the economy to social policies to climate issues. >> it was a big turnout. the rally drew an estimated 16,000 people to ft. mason. happening today, 14 people charged in a college admissions scandal will appear in a boston courtroom. they're among the 50 people indicted so far. 33 are parents, including several through the bay area. they're accused of paying bribes to get their kids in top universities. it includes college coaches, actresses, lori loughlin and felicity huffman. they're not expected in court until next week. southern california police are investigating a fire at a mosque as a possible hate crime after an investigators found a
5:37 am
nax new zealan aer inside at t a the time. they put out the fire before firefighters arrived there. police discovered the note in the mosque parking lot. they have not revealed the exact content. abc 7 is committed to pilding a better bay area. education, homelessness and housing are major challenges affecting the quality of life. those same issues are the reason why more are considering leaving. of 1500 people asked, 44% are looking at getting out. of those, 77% cite high housing costs as the reason. the cost of living comes in as a close second. 51% of people say traffic congestion makes them consider leaving. 45% cite quality of life. the ceo of the company that conducted the study says the issues have been building for a
5:38 am
cost of housing, high cost of living and the high cost of terrible traffic commutes.'ve nr decade. not just in the bay area, buth . >> 6% of people surveyed say they have definite plans to leave the bay area. the poll was done by the silicon valley leadership group. finding solutions to the bay area's housing issues can come in many forms. share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining the better bay area facebook group. >> it's 5:38 on a monday. live doppler 7. it's spinning right there on mt. sapt helena. getting a first glimpse of the light rain falling across the county. we've had measurable rain in lake and minder mendocino counties. nothing in sonoma so far. the rest of us will get wet in the afternoon and evening hours. 45 in castro valley, 47 in
5:39 am
fremont. 48 in el sobrante. 52 in richmond. alameda, 51 in hayward.d, 50. albany at 51. same thing in mountain view most of the temperatures 4 to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. right now it's dry on the san mateo bridge. but as you head throughout the day, i got caution everywhere because it is going to get wet and it's going to get breezy about 9:00. here's a look at the peninsula. dry up to 10:00. scattered showers at 11:00. a little steadier at 1:00. becoming scattered again by 7:00. you'll top out about 60. east bay valleys, random shower. steadier in the afternoon. once we get to the evening, becomes scattered after you hit the low 60s. the south bay, you'll be the driest the longest. you'll see more sunshine and the warmest with mid-60s by 1:00. your chance of rain rolls in around 2:00 or 3:00 and continues through the evening commute. the farther out you are, you'll
5:40 am
stay dry the better part of the day. >> going to get the game in? >> what time is it? >> 1:05. >> it's in -- >> it's tonight. >> i think if they keep it covered, the longer we go into the evening, the drier it's going to be. i think they'll get it in. maybe delayed. >> we'll keep our eye on that for you. right now, no delays on the roadways except if you're headed to the bay bridge. there you go. metering lights officially on at 19 after 5:00 this morning. you can see traffic is stacked up there. still not a bad drive on the 80 corridor, though. it's about 12 minutes from the back of the line to get through the metering lights. slow and go west over the altamont pass. not anything new there. an earlier accident off the roadway 101 near have the. smooth sailing in and out of san francisco on 101. that earlier accident with the mckee off ramp is in the clearing phases here. you can take alum rock instead.
5:41 am
it was closed down due to an earlier accident. coming up, earthquake warning. the area that will get an alert about a system test this week. also, check your avocados. how to know which ones are part of a multistate recall. good morning to our viewers, especially those streaming us this morning. we treeshter appreciate thappre. you can take abc 7 mornings with you. get up to
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likely dry where you are now. if you're dressing the kids, have them take the wet weather gear for the afternoon hours when it hits the rest of us. 55 at the coast. low to mid-60s this afternoon. elsewhere, you can see the rain coming down and turning to snow in tahoe this evening. 77 in fresno. 72 in l.a. with sunshine. 85 in palm springs. so 7:00 this evening to 11:00 tomorrow morning, above 6,000 feet, we've got a winter weather advisory. this is the tahoeev-day forecast. a heavier mix on wednesday. no snow. maybe a chance of flurries this weekend. > mike, thanks. the israeli military is reinforcing troops along the
5:45 am
gaza border and calling up reserves. this happened after a -- prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting his visit to washington short. he'll return to israel after meeting with president trump today. he called this a criminal attack. so far no one claimed responsibility. neighbors around the valero refinery in benicia are breathing easier this morning. it's shutting down operations until it fixes a problem that caused it to pump excess pollutants into the air. officials found coke, a refinery by product. it was not at a harmful level. according to the bay area, air quality management district, air plaugs levels prompted them to send seven notices of violation toss valero in the past week. some residents are worried about air quality. >> i don't know what i'm breathing. that bothers me. i think the little children around here, there's schools.
5:46 am
i'm thinking more of a health aspect. what we're breathing. >> valero says the shutdown process will last several days. an early warning system that could one day give people a life-saving alert before an earthquake hits will be in downtown oakland. this wednesday at 11:00 a.m., people in a 60 square block area might get the alert on the phones. the office of emergency services is working with u.s. geological survey to see whether the technology works. advocates say a few seconds of advanced warning could save lives. the state wants them to take a survey to say when the alert came through down second. >> do you have gym-timidation? half of americans are afraid of working out in front of other people. market reself-from one -- research found out a third feel intimidated working out near someone in good shape. many people also say they have
5:47 am
never worked out because they are too unhealthy to start exercising. >> aww. >> sad. >> it is sad. >> that's too bad. >> to do something. >> to be honest with you, this is revealing way too much. i'm going to go for it anyway. i sometimes feel motivated by the people who look incredible. it makes me want to go and push it more. >> yeah. >> that could be my after picture. >> someone really working hard on the treadmill and you think to yourself, i'm going to race them, i can do that. >> i want to be like them. >> yeah. >> giving each other side eye as you're running. >> want to keep going. >> i don't know if that helps sout there. t >> wha in le plus y get to look at cute et's look at what' it is pretty quiet out there. a look at 280 and 17. we have to wait well into the afternoon hours to get wet. increasing rain and breezes
5:48 am
today. tonight, it will already turn over to lingering scattered showers. those chances of rain will continue through thursday. here's a look at this afternoon. you can see in the heart of the bay, we've got light to moderate rain. temperatures ranging in the -- rain cooled -- south bay, we'll see a little sunshine in the east bay this morning. low to mid-60s. tonight the clouds will hang around the south bay and east bay. upper 40s to low 50s. a random shower is possible. decreasing clouds, a little cooler in the north bay. the heater may be running harder. upper 30s to -- live doppler 7, you can see the individual cells moving southwest to northeast as the tail end of the storm tries to sink to the southeast. they're moving from southwest to northeast. but the cell itself, as we get into this time of the year, most of the energy heads north. that's what's going to happen. there's not a lot of oomph to push it through.
5:49 am
we've had a lot of yellows and oranges. that continues, waves of it through noon. random sprinkles and light rain outside of that shield. that's where it will be steadiest. notice as it comes into the bay in the afternoon to 6:00. it gets smaller and the chances of moderate rain decrease. by tomorrow morning, it's well south of us. the front could keep the south bay in the inland east bay. a chance of a shower tomorrow. we'll keep that going. a thunderstorm is possible. drier and warmer this weekend. sue? >> roads are dry in san rafael right now. take a look at the live shot. lights headed to northbound. the civic center and everybody is moving at the limit. you've got a 20-minute drive from novato g gate bridge into san francisco at this hour. looking pretty good. speaking of the golden gate bod. no fog this morning. it's moving nicely here. overall, we've got slow and go out of the central valley. we'll look at mass transit
5:50 am
options for this monday morning. b.a.r.t. is running 34 trains on schedule. no delays for muni. buses or light rail. ace trains looking good. great way to go to avoid the 580 commute. thanks, sue. new at 6:00, jordan peele's new movie takes place in santa cruz. why that may turn out to be a bad thing for the tourism there. tightening up
5:51 am
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5:53 am
this is abc 7 mornings. i have a few storm concerns today. trees, power lines down. that would be near the coast. higher elevations along the bay shore. te breezes 35 miles per hour. it's not very likely. road flooding, yeah. it's a possibility in the north bay this morning. more so for the rest of us during the evening commute. thanks, mike. in the east bay, concord city leaders are expected to reject plans for a chick-fil-a. the chain wants to build one near highway 242. chick-fil-a needs a zoning change because it doesn't allow drive-throughs. staff is recommending they reject it because of concerns about traffic. from 7 on your side. a major avocado producer is voluntarily issuing a recall because of listeria contamination. they were sold by henry avocado and distributed to six states. so far, no reports of people getting sick.
5:54 am
avocados from mexico are not subject to the recall. a sticker on the fruit will say if it's imported. it is a good idea to thoroughly watch avocados before eating them. new this morning, two of the nation's most prominent health organizations are calling for sugary drink regulations to fight childhood obesity. >> that includes a sales tax and regulation on marketig to kids. the american academy of pediatrics and the american heart association issued a new policy this morning. they want to see healthy drinks like water and milk be the default beverage on kids menus and vending machines. dr. jen ashton is talking about it on gma. >> first of all, this is what it looks like. about 30 gallons of added sugar consumed in the form of beverages per year. starts with poor dentition, tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and most importantly, an addictive response in the brain. no different than a drug. >> dr. ashton will have a full
5:55 am
report on gma at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. all right. sorry. >> it's okay. that's all right. we've got southbound 101 looking good. we do have just wanted to mention to you, that should say southbound 880 overnight. all lanes will be blocked again tonight. tuesday into tuesday morning for sign work there. just a heads up. they've reopened it for today. it is slow and go. otherwise, we have some drive times for you. 680 from highway 4 into walnut creek. it's not bad at all. highway 4 into oakland, it's under ten minutes. tracy to dublin, that is a bit of a grind. still, this morning, about 45 minutes. let's look at time for weather. the a's are at oracle park. a chance of showers especially early and that chance will taper. the game may be delayed a little
5:56 am
bit. here's a look at the rain starting to encroach upon the marin county coast as it continues to fly out of the southwest and head towards the northeast. rainfall through 9:00 this morning. best chance santa rosa, calistoga northward, everywhere except for towards brentwood. san jose, you'll get it after the commute is over. fingers crossed. look at what's going to happen tomorrow. i should say wednesday, though. a chance of a thunderstorm. keep that in the back of your mind. coachella has unveiled a plan to be more inclusive. it's one month after the aclu september a letter to festival organizers saying two transgender siblings were denied access to restrooms corresponding to their gender identities. organizers say they're committed to creating a more welcoming environment this year. they plan to offer licensed therapists for any attendee to talk to during the festival. coachella takes place next month in indio. apple's big announcement. what the company is expected to
5:57 am
unveil hours from now in cupertino. a bay area couple on a bucket list trip when this happened. their positive attitude, despite the stressful situation. a live look outside right now at the embarcadero in san francisco. you will need that
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00 a.m., put away the sunglasses. no need for those. you're going to need the umbrella instead because the rain is back. live doppler 7 tracking the showers for your morning commute. >> yes. we're watching it hit the nor . it makes its way throughout the bay area today. good morning to you. monday, march 25th. let's check in with mike who is the expert here. mike, everyone is going to see a little bit of rain today. >> eventually, absolutely. it's stuck up in the north bay. it's on the red river. i should say the russian river
6:00 am
watershed. it's so light, it won't matter. healdsburg, guerneville, every once in a while it spills out into santa rosa. this is where it stays through the morning hours. the light to moderate rain in the north bay. the rest of us in the afternoon and evening hours. winds pick up. they could gust up to 35 miles an hour. hold on to the hat. here's a look at the exploratorium. a 12-hour planner. slipping south by noon. all of us dealing with light to moderate rain to when it starts tapering at 7:00. >> we'll take a look outside and check on your commute for the east shore freeway filling in. moving a little bit sluggishly as you make your way into the mack acarthur maze. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up because of metering lights. those were turned on at 5:19 this morning. you're looking a


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